Why do we have high demand on entertainment?


People are easily accessible with the platform of entertainment such as movie, chill out at bistro, book, livescore and concert and so forth. Marketing and advertising strategies are strongly influenced to the audience or reader to engage with entertainment.  Marketers are intelligent to promote the platform of the entertainment to the public in a creative and critical ways. The persuasive power can be an important indicator to attract more people to enjoy certain entertainment. People can simply to get access with entertainment through online.

Entertainment is an excellent aider to enhance social connection among each other. Parts of employee or boss prefer to choose the location of entertainment to deal business with client. Besides that, company dinner or gathering always link with entertainment in order to provide condemnation to the employees, as well as make a closer connection among the employees and boss relationship.

Psychology needs is also one of reason of why people have high demand on entertainment. One thing cannot be deny that entertainment is the pleasure indicator to the human. We can get fun and happiness when we deal with favorite entertainment. In short, entertainment is part of human life to influence our mind in positively or negatively.


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